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Bible Trivia

Question: As you know, the people of Gibeon tricked Joshua into a treaty.  What happened when the five kings attacked Gibeon and the Israelites came to there defense?

Hint: It never happened before or after again.

Answer: Joshua 10: 1- 14

Bible Trivia

Who Am I?

I was sick unto death but was told to put a ________ of _______ on my ________ and I would recover.  My life would be lengthened by ______________.

Who am I? _______________

What prophet told me to do this? ___________

Answer: 2 Kings 20: 1-7

Bible Trivia

Old Testament Question:

Who were the two men in the Bible who “walked with God”?

Answer: Genesis 5:22,24; 6:9


New Testament Question:

Who Am I?

I was so excited to hear Peter’s voice on the other side of the door, I forgot to open it!

Answer: Acts 12:1-14

Bible Trivia

Question: Who walketh with a froward mouth?

Answer: Proverbs 6:12

Bible Trivia

Question: Name the 4 reasons a man could be excused from battle.

Answer: Deuteronomy 20:1-9

Bible Trivia

Question: Name the country that tricked Joshua into making a peace treaty with them upon entering the Promised Land.

Answer: Joshua 9:1-15

Bible Trivia

Question: Name the two prophets who were also murderers.

Hint: A king could also be a prophet.

Bonus: Give the nationality of the ones murdered.

Answer: Exodus 2: 11-12; 2 Samuel 11

Bible Trivia

Question: Joab was to David as __________ was to Saul.

Answer: 2 Samuel 8: 15-16, 1 Samuel 14:50

Bible Trivia

Question: How many generations are between Noah and Abraham?

Answer: Genesis 11:11-27

Bible Trivia

Question: Of whom does the Bible say, “they raised over him a great heap of stones”?

Answer: Joshua 7:1-26