Sermons by Topic

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

– II Timothy 2:15


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A Baby is a Baby: The Celebration of LIFE

A Bad Day

A Biblical Warning About Slothfulness

A Biblical Warning Against Satan

A Call to Pray for our Country (Word Document)

A Case Study for Grace

A Dynamic Duo

A Famine in the Land

A Guide For Peace While Living in a Wicked World

A Lecture on The Gap Theory

A Lecture on The Gap Theory – Continued

A Portrait of Grace

A Special Salute To All The Saints

A Testimony of Salvation

A Walk On Water Kind of Day

Alive in Jesus Christ


Amazing Grace

Are We Willing to Stand for The Bible?

Are You Free?

Are You Hungry?

Are You Wise?

At the Feet of The Lord Jesus




Barnabas (see also Bible Character Studies)

(The) Battle is Real

Being Biblically Bold in a World of Confusion

(The) Best Dressed Person in Town

Blessed is the Nation Whose God is The Lord

(The) Blessedness of TRADITIONAL Marriage (Word Document)



Casting Stones

Claiming Your Canaan-Your Promised Victory  (see Part 2: The Challenge Before Us)

(The) Celebration of Life

(The) Challenge Before Us  (see  Part 1:Claiming Your Canaan-Your Promised Victory)

Christian Apologetics (see also Message Series)

(The) Coming Judgement

(The) Commendation of Christ

Companionship of God’s Word

(The) Conqueror of Death

Courageous Fathers



Determine To Be Dependable

Discerning The Will of God

Divine Election

Do You Believe That The Lord Jesus is Coming Back?

Don’t Let That Fire Go Out



(The) Eight Word Sermon

Elijah (see also Bible Character Studies)

Entering Into The Presence of The Lord Our King

Eternally Free

(The) Excellency of Christ

Experiencing God’s Full Joy

Experiencing The Presence of God

Extravagant Love – Part 1

Extravagant Love – Part 2



Faith Like Daniel – Part 1

(The) Fear of The Lord

Fear Not for God Is With Us          Fear Not for God Is With Us (cont)

Four Strong Anchors for Life’s Stormy Seas



Giving Thought to God’s Ways

God’s Design for Marriage

God is Able To Do MUCH With Little

God’s Salvation from the Pleasures of Sin

Going In The Deep Waters

(The) Golden Altar of Incense

(The) Gospel is No Secret

(The) Gospel Must be a Priority (Word Document)

Grace for Every Gear of Life



How Great Thou Art

How To Destroy a Church

How To Increase Your Joy

How To Recognize a Good Place



I Am Fine Just The Way I Am

I Am Not Ashamed to Preach The Word

I Am Not Ashamed to Preach The Word – Part 2

Idol Worship (see also The Ten Commandments)

I’m Not Crazy, I’m Saved!

(The) Importance of Every Child of God

(The) Ins and Outs of Christian Living

Is God Present In Our Sufferings?

It Happens To The Best of Us

It Is NOT About Religion

It’s Time For Us to Do Something



Jesus Christ: The Incomparable Savior

Jesus Christ: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever

Just For You



Keep Working for the Lord



(The) Lame Man That Walks

Let’s Win The Race

Light of the World

Look Up

(The) Lord is Good

(The) Lord Jesus Christ is Our Supply

(The) Lord Jesus Christ: The GLORIOUS King




Making Sense of Today’s News by Looking Into History

Making the Gospel a Priority

Managing the Marriage

(The) Master of the Deep

(The) Man Who Kept The Oil

(The) Message in the Veil

(The) Misunderstood Role of Fathers

Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone



Names of God (see also Message Series)

(The) Necessity of the New Birth (Word Document)

Not For Sale

Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Christ



(The) One True God (see also The Ten Commandments)

(The) One True God of the Universe

(The) One True King

Our Blessed Hope

Our Great High Priest

Over Complicating Salvation (Word Document)



Paul’s Faithful Preaching in Macedonia

Paul’s Heart’s Desire

Paul’s Prayer

Paul on Mars Hill

Pioneers Wanted

Plugging Into God’s Power

Precious Promises of God

Press On… You’re Not Finished Yet

Proclaiming The Truth

Putting On Spiritual Apparel – Part 1

Putting On Spiritual Apparel – Part 2



Quit Kidding Yourself



Remember That We Are Servants

Remember Your Mom

Reminders for Strangers and Pilgrims

(The) Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ

Revival in Christ-Centered Gospel Preaching



Saul’s Powerful Salvation Experience

(The) Saved Person’s Service to God

Seeking the Right Kind of Friend

Setting Christian Priorities

Setting Godly Priorities

Should Christians Gamble?

(The) Silent Savior

Some Things Just Can’t Be Denied

Some Thoughts on Revival

Something Old, Something New

Standing Alone With The Power of God

The Steadfastness of  Your Faith



(The) Ten Commandments

(The) Text That Starts It All

Three Words That Should Cause Us to Praise Our Lord

(The) Throne of God

Traveling The Lord’s Highway

(The) Truth Concerning Jealousy and Envy



Valuable Lessons for the Day of Battle



We Will Not Be Shaken

What Are You Looking At?

What Does The Fourth of July Mean To You?

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

When The Lord Jesus is in the House

Where Does Your Wisdom Come From?

Wholly and Fully Following The Lord

Why Do We Struggle?

Why God’s Children Should Not Celebrate Halloween

Why The Saints Should Rejoice in Our God

(The) Wonderful Message of Grace (Word Document)

(The) Wonderful Teaching of Baptism